Diesel generator for sale.best diesel generator price

generator Aleppo,power generator set for sale in Aleppo

generator Aleppo,power generator set for sale in Aleppo


Our product description of generator Aleppo,power generator set for sale in Aleppo


Yuchai Series engine and alternator:

Diesel engine: Forged steel crankshaft made in a single piece, and cylinder head made out of high-quality alloy cast iron; imported cylinder block rough cast features with smaller in size, lighter in weight, less vibration, lower noise and higher reliability; and featured with the low fuel consumption; lower emission, strong power, and the overall period is more than 12000 hours.
It also get the EU, Russia and other countries certifications. More than 2000 vehicles with the YC6L series IV6l SERIES IV Emission engines served the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Yuchai was the only engine supplier for Beijing Olympic bus service.


Company information of generator Aleppo,power generator set for sale in Aleppo


Yangzhou Donghuaxing Power Technology Co., Ltd.Leading China ,service the world


Founded in 2010, Donghuaxing Power has been committed to the R&D and production of generator. Donghuaxing Power strive to study and absorb the advanced technology of famous brands to create the unique brand and technology. The products exported to more than 30 countries, such as Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia based on the concept of around-the-world service and become the key enterprise of diesel generator production in China.
Donghuaxing Power is specialized in producing the generator set ,diesel generator ,biogas generator nautral gas generator,eletric generator, alternator, diesel engine etc. Power ranges from 3kw to 2000kw.
Donghuaxing Power,your best chocie!

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Main Parameters of generator Aleppo,power generator set for sale in Aleppo


Engine brand Yuchai Alternator brand Stamford
Cylinder No. 4 Protection grade IP22
Cooling method water cooled Excitation mehtod brushless
Start method electric starting Insulation grade H


Global Services with generator Aleppo,power generator set for sale in Aleppo

Everstar provides a full line of brand new and high quality products.Each and every unit is strictly factory tested Warranty is according to our standard conditions:12 months or 1000 running hour’s ,subject to the earlier one .Service and parts are available from our factory


FAQ of generator Aleppo,power generator set for sale in Aleppo


1.Which brand is the best for choosing the diesel generator ?
Huaquan Power diesel generator set, just searching iesel generator set on Google/Alibaba/Baidu
2.How to calculate the power of the diesel generator which you need?
Do not need to calculate the power, there is obviously marked on the diesel generator
3.How to calculate the fuel consumption?
Power*0.25=fuel consumption, the 0.25 is the factor, different brand have different fuel factor, for example, the actor of weichai deutz is 0.2
4.How to solve the noisy problem?
Buying the silent diesel generator the noise just like the people has a big mouth, it is very good
5.What should buyer pays attention to the diesel generator when buying the genset?
After-sales service, price and quality.
After-sales is the most important, if there is no good after-sales service, do not buy. because you not only buy the diesel generator but also the service,
6.The construction of the diesel generator
Including 4 parts: diesel engine, alternator. underframe and control system
Diesel engine decide the price of the diesel genset, alternator output the power
the underframe is 2 stoving painting.

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