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Diesel Generator Consultation Online

Diesel Generator Consultation Online

Perkins generator

We provides a comprehensive power solution for power plants, ensuring continuous power supply in case the power plant stops delivering power.

Each diesel generator product has a complete product operations manual with the most discrete and specific information, for upkeep and routine maintenance. The exclusive product ID and Generator Sets series number contain the machine’s complete information. Through online parts solution platform, the Spare Parts Division is able to provide our customers with ample parts and extended product line solutions in the most efficient manner.When a faulty part is recognized and you require replacement parts or compensation for the purchase of spare parts, please provide us with your machine series number. Alternatively, you can find all the information on your required parts, including name and ID number, through the Online System. Our engineers will provide you with a prompt and accurate solution, as well as a video guide for dismantling and installation of parts.

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